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Blockchain Services

Covering a range of blockchain domains.

Introducing the blockchain in our services, we work on a distributed system for securing transactions.

Our aim is to make digital currencies easy to use and can do the secure transparent data sharing of your future business.


Public and Private Blockchain

Stifftech works on both types of blockchains as in public blockchains your data can be accessed publicly and create secure decentralized databases. On the other hand, private blockchains can be accessed by a particular firm and a permission is granted for the data. We work on both of them based on your choice but both are secure.

Decentralized Apps (Dapps)

Our team provides a peer-to-peer network which works even if the system goes down without any point of failure. If one node shuts down, others work independently that is considered a benefit for you.. We work on it as it is censorship-resistant means that it's impossible for the individuals to reach the network which makes it great among clients. Blockchain is made up of a number of smart contracts in which our clients do not need any trust from third parties and can execute securely.

Decentralized Crypto Vaults

Our clients crypto assets can be stored in this peer-to-peer decentralized crypto wallet which has a massive storage space and gives digital solutions to crypto assets. As we use decentralized wallets means that there is a minor chance of interception of your information.

Decentralized (DeFi) Solutions

We initiate DeFi as it conducts digital transactions with the use of emerging technology. This enables our clients to use financial services by giving them control over their personal wallets. You can get exposure to global currencies and can keep an eye on your transactions.

Development & Tools


From Start to Finish , our Work funnel simplified

Everything’s has to start from somewhere right? We have broken down our work phases to show you what goes in between from development to deployment.