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Website Development And Designing for Best & Beast


Best and Beast is a blogging platform that will provide benefits to its audience. It helps you in living a healthy lifestyle by sharing tips and tricks through exposures and occurrences. It spreads positivity through its enthusiastic content relevant to Travelling, Beauty , Health & Fitness and much more. This leads us to think in an optimistic way and get rid of all sorts of negativity.


  • In the beginning, Best and Beast didn’t have a proper website, they used their content on social media sites like Linked In and Facebook. They are passionate about conveying their knowledgeable information with their audience so they usually post on different online platforms
  • As they post on social media sites, they have zero engagement as the number of people who could reach out to them are minimum because they have an international audience, which reduces its visibility. So, they consider their platform as less interactive with an unaccomplished mission
  • They had come to a conclusion that they needed a solution for all their lackness. So, they searched multiple companies and interviewed them. Through some common channels, they found us and we had a thorough discussion about their drawbacks. We were ready to serve them and provided them with some solutions.


As its just a blogging platform, we suggest them to move towards affiliate marketing so that your blogs and content can be monetized and can generate revenue through it. We recommend them to put Amazon and Google ads in order to stream some revenue. We accommodate them by helping out in making ads.
We put forward the solution of making a proper website as they don’t have a proper channel to engage their audience. In this way, they can publish their blogs and content on the website and can enhance their engagement level.


  • We have a detailed requirement session with them in which we ask about their preferences of logos, color themes and how they want their website to be seen publicly. They have five niches so we deal with them accordingly and figure out their requirements.

  • We research out their niche target audience, check their level of content creation and how they deliver to their audience. We interlinked their ideas and our marketing ideas, and then pitched a website for them.

We were searching for the suitable marketing agency which can provide services and help out in seeking solutions for our problems. Then we came up with Stifftech Solutions. They discussed our issues and worked hard to initiate their marketing tactics smoothly in order to make our existence through websites. It was an immense pleasure to work with them and we feel gratified in having them with us.