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A Web Application for Laundry Xpress


Laundry Xpress is a service provider that works online through its digital platform. It aims to accomplish its mission by working manually but somehow it created a mess. It caters to the audience that don’t want to wash their clothes by themselves. It facilitates its customers by picking and dropping off dirty clothes to their desired location. You just have to provide your details and contact them through a website or WhatsApp. When you provide the services you want to attain, they’ll tell you the prices accordingly. They eased the lives of many people who are stuck in their tough routine


  • In this E-Commerce era, where the service provider companies are fast forward in handling operations and developing web applications but Laundry Xpress doesn’t have the right knowledge about applications which makes it far behind others in operations.

  • There was no secure track of customer orders and details. As everything is manually done by them, lots of mishandling has been faced by them. Each data is in the form of paperwork or in Whatsapp. From the registers being torn or the contacts being misplaced, this results in frustration that makes their employees disgruntled.

  • The customers are dismayed about Laundry Xpress. Lots of complaints are getting to it but some complaints are being neglected as they remain unresponsive.


We provide them the idea of streamlining its operations by introducing a web application. When it has a smooth system of operations, everything will be fixed accordingly without any hassle.
We decided to initiate the order management system to line up the orders properly without any mismanagement. It consists of the details of order pick up, drop off or whether it is delivered or not. This eases the work of the operation manager.
We make the customer management to make the data in consolidated form instead of bits and pieces. We update it properly and keep the track of the customers which decreases the rate of errors in data.

For the complaints, we produce the complaint management system to record all the complaints of the customers that can help Laundry Xpress to improvise its negative part.

What We Did To Turn Their Business Around

  • After having discussions with them, we formulated a Long-term strategic plan of creating a web application that enables its operations to run smoothly. In this manner, the employees work in a problem free atmosphere with satisfied customers.

  • Researched all their operational issues and focused on systematic growth to make an automated system along with customer’s data to configure their order or complaints status.

  • Developed a successful system on the basis of analysis.

“We were looking for the right agency that provided digital marketing consultancy and services to turn our dark days into bright ones and that’s when we stumbled upon StiffTech solutions. They listened to our issues, and worked their magic to market our services via Social Media through the right strategy. Working with them has been an absolute pleasure and we are glad we chose them for our business”