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A social media revamp for Laundry Xpress


Laundry Xpress is an online laundry service that helps you get your laundry done in just a click. It has eased the life of hundreds of people living with time constrained routines who cannot find the time to take care of their washing. Simple chores like this when taken care of by professionals, end up easing one’s mind and helps create a fan base of loyal customers, just like Laundry Xpress managed to do.


  • Laundry Xpress started off really well, but with time their business started to go down. Just like every ecommerce site or someone running their business online know too well, people need proof before getting one of your services or ordering a product. It becomes really difficult to do so, especially if you are a service based business, as showcasing a product is easier than showing a service.

  • They had little to almost no engagement on social media which made people even more doubtful when it came to the legitimacy of their business. After all, what you see is what you get. And if you do not see a brand active on social media in these times, you will definitely consider it shady.

  • Stifftech was at a loss for a solution. They didn’t know where they went wrong and were almost at the verge of giving up, when one day the doors of Heaven opened and they heard about us: Stifftech and its services. They immediately got in touch with us and booked themselves for a consultation that would go on to turn their business around. Our team did some research and then listened to their pain points. Laundry Xpress was a startup back in 2017 and without a social media presence, within one year, it was in dire need of a social media revamp since their current strategy was falling short to create a brand identity over all platforms which people generally searched them on.They had to come up with a solution and they had to come up with it quick if they needed to rescue their now dying business.


As most of the customers started off by searching about the brand on Facebook, we decided to work with it first. We contacted all the previous customers and had them fill a form asking them how they first heard about us. That helped us highlight all the different platforms they used to get to know more about us. And lo and behold just as we predicted, Facebook came out to be the number one platform being used.
Other than that, we decided to maintain their presence on Twitter (to stay relevant with all the trending topics) as well as LinkedIn (to maintain a professional identity for networking).The pages were filled with the right descriptions, along with catchy and trendy content that set the tone for the brand. Posts were made telling customers what the brand offered and simplified the contact options. What we did to turn their business around is all enlisted below so you can have a thorough insight of our work:

What We Did To Turn Their Business Around

  • Researched their potential audience and formulated a strategy

  • Improved their Social Media Landing Page Layout that included setup call to actions, banner design and short videos of their procedures and processes

  • Prepared Social Media Planner with relevant and engaging content

  • Used Social Media Management Software for Automation

  • Developed interactive content and designed creative visuals

  • Created fully optimized Ad Campaigns

  • Maintained conversions from the Ad Campaigns and shared weekly reports with Laundry Xpress

  • Provided Social Media Monthly Insight Analysis, along with a complete monthly audit

“We were looking for the right agency that provided digital marketing consultancy and services to turn our dark days into bright ones and that’s when we stumbled upon Stifftech solutions. They listened to our issues, and worked their magic to market our services via Social Media through the right strategy. Working with them has been an absolute pleasure and we are glad we chose them for our business”