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Website Development for Transmissito video animation


Transmissitto is a freight service provider company where people reserve trucks to transport their goods from one place to another easily, conveniently and on time. They fulfill their responsibility of transporting the goods to their desired location without any mishandling and in its original condition. The people can track the location of their freight through their mobile application. This service is beneficial for the people and they really enjoy using it as they consider their goods secure.


  • At first, Transmissito has low accessibility due to no proper platform to interact with people. People were unaware of its services about freight transportation and bewildered about its objective. There was no genuine social media page to which the audience can access through the Internet. They got disgruntled at its initial stage. 
  • Lack of interactive content is the other main challenge as if they become active on social media, the empty pages could divert audiences’ minds. They just open the page and move back as its platform doesn’t inspire them in the beginning. 
  • No promotional material for the audience like logos, themes etc. People heard its name through word of mouth but in today’s era its useless. People have great expectations with service provider companies as they want them to own the services. As services couldn’t get returned or exchanged, its compensated. 


We provided them with proper channels to enhance its accessibility. We made their website an interactive platform to gain maximum attention from the audience. More viewers on the website hence more accessibility. Then we came up with video animation as a solution that could easily raise the level of accessibility. People could get the idea about Transmissito features and how they manage freight and shipments delivery so effectively.
We came up with an idea of generating relevant content about Transmissito. The content majorly includes its objective and some detailed overview of the company and its services. It also includes some catchy and trendy slogans to attract the audience. Posts were made to convey the audience what the company offered and its contact options.
As its a service provider company, its page should ensure all the ideas to maximize its visibility and gain confidence with them. We designed a decent color combination theme for its social media page along with a unique logo that amazed the audience


  • We recommend effective marketing strategies like 2D animations in different social media platforms for promotional purposes. This is a digital world and people get more attracted towards creative visuals.

  • We decided to set out to execute its vision by advertising campaigns to a larger extent as Transmissito services are somehow different among others



We were looking for the right agency that empowers our vision of Transmissito and give visual and marketing consultancy to strengthen its animations. We found Stifftech Solutions that are so responsive to our every query. They worked really hard to accomplish our vision by using the right strategy at the right time. It was an honor to work with them and we were so satisfied with our decision of choosing them.