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Cloud Services

Custom Cloud Services as per your business needs.

Expanding your opportunities with our cloud services by improving and modernizing the globe.

With our vision to take your business to new heights, we make the most out of your technology investment with cloud computing and is centrally managed for you.

Cloud Services

Stifftech uses Amazon web services as it is very cost-effective for our clients as there is no need for long-term commitments or anything which our clients want to buy. They won’t have to pay an additional amount to run databases. If our clients want to take ownership of AWS, its cost is very reasonable as compared to other servers. We also use the Azure cloud computing platform for which our team makes an Azure portal that helps you to manage and access resources provided by Microsoft. It supports various programming languages like Node which is used by us.


Azure Windows
Google Cloud

Cost Optimization and Less Capital

The biggest benefit of using cloud services is that it reduces the substantial capital cost of our clients as no physical hardware is needed and you pay for those resources which you actually use.

Scale Globally as per the IT workload

Our company offers a competitive edge to our clients as it offers easy access to the critical applications without investing in time and money of its installations. Through Cloud we provide you with most demanding applications and all the manual work done by application through Cloud.

Enhanced Security and Quick Recovery

All the data of our clients now be stored to Cloud which strengthens the efficiency as it has enormous storage space and there is no need for any disk or storage devices. Our clients can easily expand the storage with minimal fee.

Faster Delivery and Deployments

Cloud outperforms through continuous delivery and rapid deployment that can help our clients entire system to be functional in less time.

From Start to Finish , our Work funnel simplified

Everything’s has to start from somewhere right? We have broken down our work phases to show you what goes in between from development to deployment.