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Judging and Actually Knowing


There is a huge difference between Knowing and Judging, while so many people often judge things, other people, and circumstances. Why does it happen?

Moreover, sometimes they behave like they know about these things and claim to be acknowledged. But then, after the times, the reality of things come out and it is dissimilar oft to all the past opinions which people have been giving since the time it happened first.

There is an assumption that “The Map Is Not The Territory”. And everyone has his own map of the world. It sounds crazy?? You think everybody has occupied his own map?? Yes.. Everybody has actually occupied his own and personal map of the world but where does he?… In his own Mind.. and How? … So, here is an old but incredible example.

You have heard of a story in which letter 9 or 6 is written on the road surface, people who are standing at the extreme right of the letter saying that it is 9 and others on the extreme left are saying this is 6. Actually, it was not a letter 6 or 9, but a symbol of yin yang which was drawn by an Artist last night, and was still incomplete.

Human Mind receives above 2 billion bits of information per second by the 5 senses namely vision (sight), audition (hearing), gustation (taste), olfaction (smell) and somatosensation (touch, feelings). Often three of them works most of all, sight, hear and feel. But you are thinking if we receive this amount of information per second so why don’t we remember all of these.

Well, you cannot handle such quantity of information all the times. There are 3 processes working in our brain at the same time so all of the information is filtered through them and they are;

1) Distortion

According to CambridgeDictionary, Distortion means to change something from its usual, original, natural, or intended meaning, condition, or shape.We change the meaning of original thing in our mind and look at like how we usually look.

2) Deletion

Deletion is the process of removing something, or what is removed.We delete some information at that right moment, or it can be said that we don’t look at them how we ought to. 

3) Generalization

Generalization is a written or spoken statement in which you say or write that something is true all of the time when it is only true some of the time.We generalize that all the things in our own experience and claim that it must be this and that.

But it will be true if I tell you that these all above come after the process of Perceiving by which we see things, it means that “How we look at the Things”, it may be positive, neutral and negative and this process ofttimes is attached to our ‘past experience’ or the ‘thought’ we think very after that experience happened to us. That perception is commonly known as a Person’s Map.         

Like all humans, you respond to the things accordance to your map of the world you hold in your head. This map is actually based on what you believe about your identity and on your values and beliefs as well as your attitudes, memories, and cultural background.         

Sometimes, the map of the world from which your friend operates may not make sense to you. However, a little understanding and tolerance can help to enrich and amaze your life.         

Just remind yourself of the childhood memories when you go outside your home first time with your father or big brother, you just saw a cat with brown color and you asked what is this? Father told you that this is a cat and you reply that you saw a cat with white color in your ABC book. Then your father said that Cats are of very colors, not only white or brown, and to prove his words he shows you another Cat with Black color. And you just surprised, from that time, you generalized that Cats are so many colors. But I tell you that you might have not seen a Cat of Blue, Green and Red color. You are now recalling your all memories, but still, my statement is true. It will only be true when you draw a 3D cat in Red color, but still, you could not find a real Cat in Red color.         

So, you see. Just one thing I shared with you and you are going to agree with me in this, also some sparkling truths that you enlightened today that how we gather knowledge on the very moments.

Now, what is the Actual Knowledge by the way?

I truly say that I did not have much knowledge about what is Actual Knowledge. And so have you. We cannot claim that what is Actual Knowledge, and there we need the guidance of something Superior to us. And even we all human beings have not come yet at this similar map that what is the name of that Superior.

Then we check what definition or meaning our Intellect accepts that Who is He? He, Who knows it all, have been from all before the start and still Present in everywhere with His Knowledge and Will Be ever forever. Some of us say Him as God, Allah, Baghwan and much other calling application we named Him. We all have agreed that Someone is Superior to all of us, but we are against each other’s map of the meaning of that Superior.

Just think, if we all accept each other’s map of understanding things or just have some kind of credence towards other’s map, then we all will be amazed. And for your kind information, we all have a difference from each other. It is from your thumb print to the DNA and even body’s tiny cells.          

Moreover, we all are different to each other in many other aspects of life like Thinking, Understanding, Conceiving, Perceiving, Acting and Feeling, Believing, Decision making, Loving, Caring, Showing, Claiming and much more.         

Now, we are coming to conclude all of these facts and realities. The question arose that what is the way out so we can face other’s maps and their beliefs about the things we often have differences? It’s like traveling down another person’s map that is unfamiliar territory. The result of this personal filter is that everyone has a very own map of the world. For making communication and conflict easier, a really useful exercise is to at least attempt to understand the Internal Representation or Map of the person who you are communicating. Whenever you find yourself in a situation where another person’s response or behavior surprises you or just leaves you nowhere. Must try this exercise,         

1. Count all the blessings of your life.         

2. Put a cap on your thinking that only you know it in a   right way.         

3. Ask yourself what is the thing in other person’s map is warning your behavior.When you practice this exercise, you may come to know that you are not only satisfied with your map but also find and accept other’s map with greater ease.

Remember, it is not necessary that only your judgment and even knowledge about something is correct, may be other’s understanding were right.

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