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Customer Satisfaction is our first priority.

Accessibility and intuitive designs make it easy for you to compete and create a better overall user experience.

We respect our user’s time and intelligence by meeting your needs. We minimize the choices users need to make by providing you with good UX.

Tools & Technology

Want to your product with a team that establishes a clear design process, meets deadlines, and delivers a build spot-on end result? Turn to Stifftech UI and UX services. Our design team is a small design studio within a large software company that will help you build an engaging product easily and quickly.


The usage of user interface design is important for Stifftech as it increases the internet traffic of our clients which is the great advantage as the customers get connected with the website for a long time. Our team makes the website design process easier and reduces troubleshooting problems. Our aim is to design user interactive elements according to your desired project that can generate more revenues.


Stifftech makes use of rapid and interactive prototyping to enhance the design of the end-products and provides you a fair path to initiate your creative ideas into reality. We help to alter your concepts that don’t work for your products by reducing the product development cost. We make sure to eliminate the risk of product failure by looking forward to your concepts about the product multiple times.


As UX design is a subset of UI design so our design team makes our client's product more significant that gives meaningful experience to users. Our team does complete product acquisition by branding, designing and functioning of your product. Stifftech considers Why, What, How terms for product use. The Why involves our user motivation for getting this product. The What analysis that what our users want, especially the product functioning. Lastly, How relates to the design of functionality of the product.


We use wireframing to work as a blueprint in showing the skeletal appearance of the website to the client before the final version of the website. Our team mostly engages the visual learners clients that can understand the draft of the website more easily. Modern UX design is unimaginable without digital tools so we use Adobe Photoshop as a software.

Prototyping & Tools


Our company incorporates Figma as a web-browser tool that works with any operating system which doesn’t need heavy installations. We use it as a cloud-based means our client’s work will automatically be saved and the partner can easily review it. It is easily accessible even when the internet isn’t working as your progress will be saved as a draft. 


When people think of converting their ideas into visuals, Adobe XD just pops into our clients mind and we are ready to serve this with smooth functional prototypes to them. As Adobe XD works effectively and efficiently, it becomes a one stop-solution for designers.Our clients can move from low-fidelity which is static to high- fidelity which is more responsive to them. Apart from all this, they can create a friendly mobile app prototyping with valuable live feedback.


Our company uses InVision as it makes prototyping and designing easier by offering hundreds of templates which includes different strategies like brainstorming and much more. Our clients who are beginners with User Experience can collaborate their designs with other teams. InVision has advanced team management and security which is a plus point for our clients.

From Start to Finish , our Work funnel simplified

Everything’s has to start from somewhere right? We have broken down our work phases to show you what goes in between from development to deployment.